Heartbreak much?

How many of you are going through a horrible break up? When you sit up all night either crying or trying to cry. When you feel all alone, like you have so many people but no one to talk to and ending your life seems like the perfect escape or for some it would be drinking, rebounds, smoking or even smoking up but how long can that escape last? A few hours or maybe days but then again at the end of the day, you are back to square one. The thought of seeing your ex with someone else kills you but you can’t do anything about it.

All these things and many more hurt so much, you can’t even express what you are going through but have you ever thought about it differently? Don’t worry, I wont write some philosophical bullshit. I will ask you a question or rather give you a task, think about the one person you would hate to see your ex with and then imagine being better than them, would you still feel half as bad as you do right now? And maybe you will feel horrible after that but what if you are not alone in this emotional fight, what if you don’t feel anything anymore but are still alive, wouldn’t that be just about perfect?

I can’t tell you everything will be okay because I don’t know your story but what I can tell you is that things will be better and if someone like me can stand up, every one of you can!


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