Jealousy or Ignorance

Why is it that even after a break up, we want attention from our ex, we never tell them the whole story if we have made a mistake, I feel it is because we are scared to lose them but what we don’t realise in the moment is that we can’t lose something that we have already lost so why try and hold on to something that is dead?

We try so hard to make our ex jealous but for what? You know what will kill them more than jealousy, is to live in ignorance. Think about it, wouldn’t curiosity kill you, so why not them? It’s the same either way.

While you sit and hate every person they meet, why give them the right to know who you are meeting? while you build hate, they will build curiosity and at the end of it all, what better option do they have than to ask you and that’s when you will get your answers from them, not by making them jealous and pushing them further away.


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