The Scandal

“Those who you know best, are usually the ones who hurt you”

Which I like to believe is a fact. We were very close and in some world, loved each other but I guess that’s not enough. He wanted more, he wanted destruction and I wanted peace. He left me for what he called ‘freedom’ and what I called desperation but that was not enough, how could he leave me without making me suffer. So he had his outburst of attempts to emotionally hurt me and well, it worked.

I fell down hard but after that moment, I knew all I had to do was stand up. While he had his moments flying, I had mine trying to stand up. When I finally stood up, he came around to push me back down and this time not emotionally, he publicly humiliated me with faux information about me to those around me. I image had dropped tremendously and I had no idea for two months. I came to a point where I had started breaking and that’s when I found out. What could be worse than being caught in your weak moment?

Fortunately for me, I had learnt my lesson the first time, that no matter what happens, all you need to do is smile and maintain your class, not go seeking revenge and creating scenes. I was known t0 be the manipulative scheming bitch and just having people fear even the thought of you, made me feel powerful. I did no wrong to anyone but I didn’t let anyone do any wrong to me either.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what people do to you, what matters is how you handle it.